It is easy to fall into the trap and just start adding content to your website and syndicate it to social media sites. People can confuse “article marketing” with content marketing. Article marketing is mainly used to create links to your website and to attract search engine traffic. In many instances, these articles are of low value to the reader and although they bring attention to your brand, they don’t always contribute to your conversion goals. Be sure to link your search engine optimization strategy to your content development strategy and your content syndication strategy as both need to be implemented together.

We can suggest 6 steps for implementing a content marketing blueprint:

  • Step 1: Define your business goals
  • Step 2: Identify your ideal website personas
  • Step 3: List the types of information they require?
  • Step 4: Determine the action you want your persona to take
  • Step 5: Research search keywords
  • Step 6: Create your blueprint

Create your Digital Marketing plan

As part of your digital media plan, schedule regular dates on which to create and publish your content. Publishing regular content will increase your online visibility and create an online asset for your business, for example this blog publishes valuable content several times every week.

Measure your business objectives

  • Install Google Analytics to monitor your website and blog performance
  • Set the business goals that you need to measure
  • Review goal achievement and keywords used to get to your site
  • Brainstorm creative ways of providing content related to your industry

A good strategy should follow a process. We can exemplify an Internet marketing strategy that implements, measures and then loops back to implement again, take a look to the Prospect Factory Process which can help you plan you won process.