The time to plan and  budget your 2011 Internet Marketing campaigns is already here and is going to be more complicated as the landscape of channels, tools, and technologies is wider. According to Forrester Research, 70% of marketers expect budgets to stay the same or improve, indicating an increased activity in the online channels.

When planning your campaigns for 2011, keep in mind that you have to budget, plan, manage and measure many different channels and define, ahead of time, the right mix for your company. Please do not throw yourself into simplified planning between some SEO, a bit of pay per click and a lot of social media, remember that each channel serves a different goal and that the correct enterprise digital media plan for your company should evolve from an strategic planning process where a Web competitors analysis must be done. We suggest that the specific information on your competitors be complemented by a deep study like the one Forrester offers under the title “Midyear Planning: Predictions For 2011 “ by Emily Riley, Nate Elliott, Augie Ray, Shar VanBoskirk, Michael Greene, Melissa Parrish, Sean Corcoran