As the Internet gets more and more complex, Internet marketing has evolved into a complete strategic endeavor by itself. There are so many strategies and so many different objectives that can be accomplished through Internet marketing that we a roadmap is needed in order for businesses to know where to start, what to do and how to do it, and, most importantly, which are the correct strategies where marketers should put their budgets. Do not make the mistake of jumping into doing things before even defining a strategy; Internet marketing can be expensive and time consuming if done without a plan but it can prove to be very profitable if you take the time to research the competition with an Internet Competitors Analysis and develop a digital media plan with a strategy in mind.

There is a lot of information on where are investments going and which strategies are becoming more popular; however, we think that before looking into those numbers, a good business person, trying to define a strategy and invest wisely, should focus on three aspects:

  • Identify top Internet marketing strategies and select the ones that have a better fit to the business goals.
  • Design a good media plan that defines objectives and sets the proper mix of online strategies.
  •  Base the online media plan on a well conducted Internet competitor analysis that shows where to leverage company strengths and weakness and considers   you important competitors online.

There is more information that you can use in order to develop a comprehensive internet marketing strategy, we suggest you download and read the whitepaper by Carlos Guzman “Consider a Complete Internet Marketing Strategy” .