Very similar to what we said about Facebook, Twitter  can also be an important tool for your outbound rivers of information strategy.  Twitter is a valuable tool to distribute content as everyone of the more than 20 million users has followers that can broadcast a message by Retweeting it. Mobile phones have increased the use of Twitter because it is very easy to read and Tweet on a mobile phone.

Business people use Twitter as its main river of information as it summarizes info from companies, brands, products and experts they choose to follow so if you feed your content through a Twitter account that your readers can follow, you will have a captive audience that can read your content frequently.

Twitter plays an active role for people learning about products and services and keeping up with new releases and it is so easy to recommend by retweeting that its viral effect is outstanding.

Some ideas to integrate Twitter to your rivers of information strategy are:

  • Your company must have account in Twitter.
  • Your blog, should feed content to your Twitter timeline every time you publish  and provide a link to the main blog.  
  • Your Twitter account can publish and notify of upcoming webinars and articles.
  • Through Twitter you can ask questions and receive comments
  • You can measure acceptance by the number of followers you have.
  • By placing a Twitter button in your blog you can have new readers recommend your article to their followers by retweeting your content
  • You can also integrate Twitter into your blog so readers can have a glimpse of your Twitter timeline without leaving the blog.
  • And many, many other ideas…

Keeping up with the possibilities that Twitter can add to your rivers of information strategy is not easy, so be sure to get help from professionals.

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Carlos Guzman D | WSI Certified  Internet Marketing Consultant.