Business Digital Media Plan

We improve our clients’ results with a Business Digital Media Plan that boosts traditional marketing planning with techniques for the new and fast changing consumer dynamics taking place on the Internet.

We help plan, create and execute a digital media plan for a company, a division, a product line or a seasonal marketing campaign. Our digital media planning for the business focuses on three basic strategies:

  1. Building credibility online
  2. Lead generation
  3. Customer contact

The three strategies of our business digital media plan include measurement and analytics that drive our actions, and our Secret Shopper component to get a feeling of how the strategy looks from the outside, from a purely human point of view that complements the other automated measurement tools.

Depending on your specific needs, our digital media planning strategies might include:

More important, we can design and implement a multilingual digital media plan for any business to reach Spanish and English speaking audiences. Reaching the Hispanic market can help your business reach 31 million more potential customers that have buying power and very little debt in the US.

Our Business Digital Marketing Plan might include services from developing your web presence and launching a search engine marketing campaign to using social media to engage in a conversation with your market. The social media audience in the US totals 122 million people (source: comScore, Inc.) and according to Nielsen, social network usage is exceeding web-based email usage. Thus, an integral media plan that includes all sources of customer multilingual communication is the way to go when building a digital media plan.

Business clients that already manage advertising budgets often find it difficult to turn their own strategy around or to have their traditional advertising agency go in a different direction. That is why they often approach us to team with their marketing staff and their traditional advertising agencies to create a new Business Digital Media Plan.

One basic truth is that customers are increasingly spending more time online, especially researching in search engines and in social spaces. They are searching for products, researching them, and hearing opinions from their social circle about their experiences. They start their searches on the Google screen; they visit Linked In to keep in touch with their professional network; they sign into Facebook perhaps once a day to see what their friends are doing and to update their status; they follow somebody on Twitter and are maybe seeking to be followed by others on Twitter; they might even be reading, writing or commenting on blogs, as well as watching videos on YouTube. The mix of activities that people carry out online varies, but one thing is certain, they spend time online and in order to engage your company in their conversations, you need to have a Business Digital Marketing Plan running parallel to the traditional advertising campaigns.

Call us or contact Prospect Factory through our contact form, We can develop a complete Business Digital Media Plan or team with your current agency to do part of the plan. We know how to team with traditional agencies and leverage on their traditional marketing strategies.