Multilingual Blog Development and Administration

A multilingual company blog helps your company build brand credibility in several markets as it provides value adding content to your audience with frequent postings of information in several languages. A multilingual company blog in English and Spanish provides value to the community establishing a communication channel with prospects and customers, and expanding your company to traditional and Hispanic markets.

When incorporating a multilingual blog you should consider a plan for posting interesting content frequently and that is where Prospect Factory could come in to help. We offer blog development and have ongoing services for blog administration, content development and search engine web optimization for your blog.

Multilingual Company Blog – Development.

Development and launching of a multilingual company blog requieres a specific set of skills as you will be talking to different audiences and cultures so be certain to get help from professionales. Posting content every month or even every week calls for a clever content plan. The opportunity is huge as a multilingual company blog allows you to express the personality behind your company and brand by adding value to your community of prospects and customers.. It is a great strategy to build a “river of information” from your company to your potential customers.

Prospects researching your company need to feel comfortable with you and your company, and blogging allows you to show that you know your industry. Moreover, it is important for those prospects to know that they are communicating with real people, instead of a with company.

Multilingual Company Blogs – Google loves them!

Blogs are essentially specialized websites with fresh content and because of that, Google and other search engines like them and rank them easily. If your multilingual company blog provides great content in English and Spanish, it will likely be followed by others and mentioned on other blogs. Blogs are also a great source of content for generating social communications and viral promotion which contributes to building your company brand.

If you are looking for an easy way to give your audience information in a frequent manner, considering the development of a multilingual company blog and call Prospect Factory. We have the ideal solution to design, build and maintain a multilingual company blog in English and Spanish and get you closer to the Hispanic community, a growing market of more than 40 million buyers in the US.

Contact Prospect Factory, or call (408) 414-8183. We can develop, launch and maintain your multilingual company blog.