Content development is an essential component of any digital media plan because it supports all other strategies and multilingual content development allows your company to access global markets. You need to consider a complete multilingual content strategy that includes content development in several languages for your Website, your blog and the content of your social media properties.

Multilingual content has become so important that it can no longer be improvised; it needs to be done as part of a strategy where a content development plan must be considered and should be aligned with the other strategies for search engine optimization, pay per click and social media.

Our Multilingual Content development services are provided by professional writers and translators that follow guidelines to assure that all content written for you follows guidelines for SEO as well as human readers.

Multilingual content development supports brand credibility and lead generation campaigns that can conver many geographies and help your company reach new markets as well as a communication plan for prospects and customers through e-mail marketing and social media.

When we develop content for you, we include research, writing and search engine optimization and we can do it once for initially populating your website, or periodically to feed your blog and your social media profiles.

How often can you write?

Not very often, right?… You are the expert on your business and most likely your time is used for planning and operating your business, not for writing web content in a constant and consistent way. We can develop the content needed for your Internet marketing strategy for you through a portfolio of services and we can certainly help you develop an outbound “river of information” strategy to gain brand credibility. Our services include:

  • Content development packages for your website.
  • Content development packages for your blog and social networks.
  • Content development packages with monthly, bimonthly and weekly posting.
  • Content development in English and Spanish.
  • Translation for English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and other languages.

When developing multilingual content our professional writers and translators apply search engine optimization guidelines so our contents fit perfectly with a SEO campaign. We can also work with your SEO provider or website developer as content developers.

Contact Prospect Factory for a comprehensive multilingual content development strategy and assure that your Internet marketing strategies are supported by good content.