Secret Shopper for Internet Marketing Campaigns

Picture this: finally you get a prospect who spotted your ad as a result of a search engine query. He clicks, emails and tries to engage in a conversation but there is no prompt response to his actions from your company. Our Secret Shopper Service for Internet marketing deals with this problem. Do not let a slow response from your staff turn down your leads. Do not let that lead go away. Measure your company’s response with our Secret Shopper Service for Internet marketing free service.

Our “Secret Shopper Service for Internet marketing” can help you pin-point any type of staff mishandle or procedure mistake. We can optimize the critical time response from the start of the cycle making the sales experience successful and painless.
Make that initial contact happen. Make it the first thing on your list.

As part of our campaigns, we include a Secret Shopper Service free of charge:

A “Secret Shopper Service” at no additional cost is included with our Internet marketing campaigns.
Random and secret contacts with your company that measure your company’s response.
Reports that help you take corrective action and improve sales conversion.
Higher return on investment through our team’s creative tools.

Think of our “Secret Shopper Service for Internet marketing” as a critical simulator for response times with real elements and real variables. It measures with high accuracy: time of response, quality of the contact and if the information provided is accurate enough to conduct a successful close. This information is then passed on to you so you can take appropriate measures to fine tune your reaction to prospective leads.

Prospect Factory is committed to deliver positive return on investment to your online marketing campaigns. Our “Secret Shopper Service for Internet marketing” is one of our various complementary services to an online campaign and integral strategy that goes beyond the Internet.

Our “Secret Shopper Service for Internet marketing” is a human process supported by a set of proprietary tools for tracking, registering and reporting speed and accuracy. It is conceived and built from the ground up to provide support on our online marketing campaigns and our staff is trained in the use of a buying script, which allows measurement of important variables for your first contact with a prospect. Download e-Brochure