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Competitive Web Intelligencer

Thanks to the Web, you can learn more about the competition faster than ever. Prospect Factory’s Internet Competitors Analysis “Competitive Web Intelligencer” can identify the Internet Marketing Strategy of your competitors!

Business moves fast. Product cycles are measured in months, not years. Partners become rivals quicker than you can say “breach of contract.” So how can you possibly hope to keep up with your competitors if you can’t keep an eye on them?

An Internet Competitors Analysis is an important piede of every digital marketing strategy. Forget the occasional racy headlines about industrial espionage. We’re talking about new approaches to good old-fashioned business intelligence, updates on new products, information about a rival’s cost structure, etc.

This kind of information gets exchanged all the time, of course. Engineers swap gossip at trade shows; rival salespeople compare notes at a restaurant. Thanks to the Internet, though, you can acquire more information faster than ever. The Web offers a remarkably wide variety of sources: content-rich Web sites, fast as lightning news services, online job postings, extremely honest discussion groups.

With the Internet Competitors Analysis, you can track your competition.

Lack of understanding your competitors’ online activities might result in lost opportunities. It is important to know what your competitors are doing on the Internet so you can modify your strategies. With Competitive Web Intelligencer you can fight back and minimize any possible advantages they might have and you can also attack their weak points. Upon identifying their Internet marketing strategies you may take advantage of their weaknesses and leverage your strengths to effectively acquire, retain and expand your customer base.

The Competitive Web Intelligencer provides the basis for your Internet marketing strategy and follows the best practices of the strategic planning methodology by analyzing competitors, and defining a “killer strategy” that positions your business above the competition.

Internet Competitors Analysis by Prospect Factory.

Prospect Factory has defined new rules for gathering web competitive intelligence. So take our advice on business intelligence – and get smart and call for your ‘free” Competition Summary Analysis (a sample of our full INternet Competitors Analysis) and find out why this can give you the “edge” your need to see better ROI

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