WebScan is a powerful website analysis and reporting tool that tests search engine optimization and performance and checks accessibility and compliance. It can also spell check your entire website, detect technical problems and much more. Although WebScan is great for diagnosing your site, the report is very valuable to compare your Website with your competition and identify areas for improvement.

If you have a Website, your should request a FREE basic Webscan, we provide the basic report for your site, free of charge; if you would like to have your two or three competitor´s Websites to be analyzed and campared to your Website, then we can offer our premium report with 3 competitors. You need to provide the precise URLs of your competition.

WebScan is updated almost monthly, and scores therefore reflect the best practice at any one time – for example the most effective SEO techniques as they are constantly evolving.

This is the first part of a WebScan report that we’ll see. It contains an outline of the result of the test. We see the qualifications in circles, they go from 0.0 to 10, 0.0 being the worst and 10 the best. The color of the circles is important too, the redder, the worse, the greener, the better.

Accessibility Score Means how easy is for the it is for the user and the Search Engine to navigate through the site. The easier to navigate, the faster Search Engines will list and rank well the site.

Content Score It’s the summary of a simple-to-undersatnd URL (one with a description of the page instead of numbers and letters), the amount of text on the pages, the density of a keyword (how many times the key phrase repeats on the page), the alt text on the images, the titles, if it’s optimized for printing and if the page loads quickly.

Quality Score Means how well constructed the site is, whether it uses CSS, if it has broken links, and whether it’s still under construction. It also reflects if the software technology used in the site allows it to be better understood by search engines.

Search Score How well the website optimized and listed for being found in search engines, is measured by aspects like popularity, meta-tags and whether the site will be found with some relevant keywords.

Site Score is an overall summary of every aspect of the site. This qualification will give a crystal-clear idea of the status of the site.

Below you will find a summary of good and bad aspects of a certain website. In the report, each of those will be analyzed further with graphics, but this summary provides a general overview of the aspects that need to be corrected.

Here’s an example of how the report shows a detailed explanation of the good and bad points of the site. In this image, a graph of the amount of the pages that uses Analytics software is shown, which is a very important aspect for measuring results.

The report is very clear and explains by itself every tested aspect of the site, the qualification, and the reason for that qualification. The most important part is the summary, through which we can understand the real status of the site. Your webmaster or your current SEO provider could benefit from the report.

Contact Prospect Factory for a basic WebScan free of charge or order your premium report with two competitos for US $350 or four competitors for $500. If you order our Internet Competitors Analysis, the WebScan report for four competitors comes included at no additional cost. (408) 414-8183.