When a visitor lands at your website after finding you through a search engine, his mood is high towards the topic, service or product he is searching for. If you approach him in that very moment, your chances of initiating a sales cycle are higher than those you have when your response arrives later to his inbox.

Customers are three times more likely to make a purchase if they chat with a live sales representative.

That is why a LiveChat function is an effective complement for SEO and PPC campaigns. It allows the visitor to establish contact with you when he is more open to initiate contact with a supplier (you!)

Our LiveChat service also lets you monitor website visitors as they browse your site in real-time and initiates a live chat conversation for immediate real-time assistance.

LiveChat allows your business to increase conversion rates and maximize dollars spent in campaigns that drive traffic to your website.

Our LiveChat service is a live chat and web monitoring program that starts a conversation with your prospects and increases the possibilities of conversion and higher sales.

We offer various annual packages of LiveChat with annual or monthly payment plans and a sliding scale pricing scheme that starts at $59 per operator/month for your site. In a 10 operator package, price lowers to $35 per operator per month and in a 100 operator package is much lower (configuration costs for setting up the service apply.)

Some of the features you can benefit from with LiveChat are the following:

  • LiveChat Auto Visitor Invite.- This “pro-active” feature allows you to automate/configure a timed chat invite graphic to pop up on a specific page of your website after a designated period of time.
  • LiveChat Manual Invite.- Operators can invite visitors to chat. When an agent invites a user, an invite graphic will appear on the visitor’s screen.
  • Page Push.- Operators can define a list of commonly viewed pages within their website and automatically “push” customers to those pages. When a page is pushed, it will automatically change in the visitor’s browser.
  • Referral URL / Search Keywords.- You can see what search engine and keywords visitors used to find your website.
  • Smart Chat language translation for LiveChat. Operators can intelligently speak the language of the visitor. Once the visitor language is identified, the operator chats in their own native language and the text sent back to the visitor is automatically converted to the visitor’s native language
  • Different queues for different departments.
  • LiveChat transfer function between operators and departments.
  • EyeQ feature that allows color-coded queue screens to gauge the performance and responses of the chat system by using certain colors for newly arriving chats, active chats, chat transfers and ended chats
  • Additional domains to operate through several websites.
  • Includes an administrative panel to set-up operators and generate reports for every operator.
  • Supervisor chat panel and Live Coaching for trainees to be monitored and coached through chats by experienced agents during a chat session.
  • …. and many more.

Once available only to large companies, LiveChat is now affordable and within the reach of smaller companies as well. Installation only takes a few steps.

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