Rivers of Information and information dashboards for your company

Prospect Factory helps you build “rivers of information” for your company so you can interact with the market. Rivers of information work in two directions: an inbound river helps you gain market intelligence from the industry and competitors using tools that grab information from web sources, filter them and release them through dashboards that your company and its employees can follow for a constant, real time, update on the news and information published through the Web. An outbound river of information is basically a “write and publish” content strategy that positions your company in the Web as an expert and a reference source, thus helping to gain brand credibility and attract potential customers.

An inbound river of information helps your company:


  • Have a dashboard, or multiple dashboards, to listen to the market.
  • Listen to your customer´s markets and learn more
  • Follow influencers on your market
  • Monitor your competition
  • Get fresh news from industry and economic sectors
  • Build a constant learning path for your employees
  • Detect and participate on conversations
  • discover sales opportunities

An outbound river of information helps your company:

  • Design and implement a “writing and publishing” content strategy
  • Add value to the market by providing valuable content
  • Gain credibility for your company as experts in your field
  • Position your brand associated with specific topics
  • Reinforce your lead generation strategy by tapping into potential customers in different stages of their buying cycles.
  • Attract prospects that are seeking experts in certain fields.

“Rivers of information” is a strategy that places your company in a more professional stage by providing a means to listen to the market constantly, real time, and help position your organization as a reference source.

Prospect Factory can help design the strategy and we can partner with you to implement, operate and manage these efforts. Contact Prospect Factory.