Content for SEO, Web and Blogs

We write content for SEO in English and Spanish. Our staff includes professional writers and translators in several language combinations. Content writing can be part of a Web optimization strategy. Moreover, we write content for your website, blog and social media campaigns.

Because we write content for SEO in several languages, our writers and translators follow specific guidelines to assure that Google and other search engines index your information.

Our content writing services for SEO are part of our Internet marketing campaigns and contribute to your lead generation strategy and brand credibility campaigns. Content is essential to SEO campaigns because it helps gain relevant positions in search engines. Good content is key to building brand credibility and expand coverage.

We include keyword research, topic research, writing and optimization. Moreover, as it will be part of an Internet marketing campaign we make sure that content for different applications is consistent and follows a logical plan.

Why is content for SEO and important strategy?

Search engines have to index millions and millions of websites and are using new algorithms to assure that site content is relevant for the search term. Relevancy is the name of the game and having your content specifically written for SEO, helps your Website improve its relevancy.

Sites short in content (which is not optimized or is not updated on a regular basis) will rarely get to relevant positions. If your site has been listed in relevant positions and is not regularly updated, it will lose positions. A content writing strategy is important and should be part of any Internet marketing strategy

No time to write? DO not know how to write conten for SEO?

Your time is very valuable for your business and perhaps you do not have the time to write content constantly. Content for SEO writing needs to be done and uploaded every week, thus our content development service will provide such content to help you with your SEO strategy.

Our Content for SEO Development Services

  • Content writing for SEO packages for your website including research and writing.
  • Content writing packages for your blog and social networks.
  • Content writing packages with monthly, bimonthly and weekly deliveries.
  • Content writing in English and Spanish in case you would like to make use of website translation.
  • Translation to and from English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and other languages.

During content writing activities, our writers and translators follow SEO guidelines so that content fits perfectly with a SEO campaign. We can also work with your SEO provider contributing as content writers.

Contact Prospect Factory and you will have a team of expet copywriter that will do content writing for SEO specifically for your Website or blog.

Contact Prospect Factory for an analysis of your content to meet SEO needs. Remember that if you are interested in reaching the Hispanic market, we feature SEO writing services in English and Spanish. contact@ProspectFactoryOnline.com