Google Ads Certified Partner for Multilingual Pay per click campaigns.


With our search engine optimization services, your Website can reach relevant positions for certain keywords that your potential buyers use to search for what you sell. Our techniques allow Google and other search engines to properly read and classify your Web site so it can be displayed in top positions when people search for what you sell.


Google Ads - Qualified Company

Google Partner

Multilingual Pay per click campaigns in Google are created and managed by Prospect Factoyr, a professional digital agency that is part of the Google Ads Certified Partner program. We also include Yahoo!, Bing, Ask and other search engines.  Our Multilingual Google Ads Campaigns generate qualified leads for your business. We can have your business appear in front of anyone searching for English or Spanish keywords related to you business and drive them to your website.

Since we cover all major search engines, we can design and manage complete multilingual pay per click campaigns that place your ads in relevant positions in the sponsored listings of 98% of all search engines.

With multilingual pay per click campaigns, potential buyers that click on the ad are taken to your website or to a carefully designed landing page where we detect, track and measure conversion actions defined into the campaign: phone calls, contact forms, coupons, e-mails, online purchases, downloads, etc.

Multilingual Google Pay per Click campaigns – Full control and geographic coverage in English and Spanish.

We design and manage professional multilingual Pay per click campaigns for you; control the specific budget you wish to invest, wording of each ad, design and contents of a multilingual landing page where the prospect will arrive; the message he will receive and the conversion action you want that prospect to take. Yahoo!, Bing, Ask and Google, multilingual Pay per click campaigns expand your geographic reach.

 We can control the specific geographic reach of your campaign: from a purely local campaign covering an area of 25 miles from your office to region specific campaigns or fully national coverage.

Benefits of our multilingual Google pay per click campaigns:

  • Reach the potential customers that are searching for the products and services that you offer.
  • Pay only if the prospect clicks on your ad.
  • Reach your prospects with messages in English and Spanish.
  • Define the specific message of your ad based on specific key words and phrases.
  • Include multilingual landing pages or landing pages in Spanish to reach the Hispanic market.
  • Measure conversion actions from phone calls, contact forms, coupons, e-mails and shopping actions.
  • Define local, regional or national coverage.
  • Measure phone conversion as well as all other conversion actions.
  • Trust that a team of professionals optimizes your campaign on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Our Multilingual Google pay per click campaigns in English and Spanish include.

  • Set-up for your site and your campaign. Keyword research and analysis in English and Spanish.
  • Keyword selection (IP-targeted and geo-indicated)
  • Coverage in 98% of all Search engines, from Google pay per click to all other general and targeted search engines.
  • Reverse proxy technology for phone conversion metrics (only in USA).
  • Targeted ad text design and copy (optional design for image ads)
  • Landing page design in English and Spanish
  • Daily, weekly and monthly campaign administration and optimization.
  • Code generation for analytics and for conversion measurement.
  • Monthly reports
  • Secret shopper complementary service.

With Multilingual Google pay per click campaigns we can have your ads placed in Google in hours and in all other search engines in a few days once the campaign has been set up.

Multilingual Google Ads Pay per Click Campaigns Leverage with SEO

When a multilingual pay per click campaign is executed together with a multilingual Search Engine Optimization campaign, results can have a multiplying effect that increases even more the return on investment for your campaign.

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If you are going to invest in Google, do it with a professionals like Prospect Factory. The company is a Google Ads Certified Partner and we can help you get new leads through the Internet through a multilingual pay per click campaign. Contact Prospect Factory today. | Download Brochure.