Social Media Campaigns

Social media has become the preferred communication means among communities. Your business needs to consider a social media campaign as part of a digital media plan. Social media campaigns are one of the most effective ways of improving your online credibility, brand positioning and online visibility. Prospect Factory can help you implement a multilingual Social Media Campaign from a business perspective. It will help you capture the attention of a growing audience and will multiply the positive results of other strategies like SEO.

With a multilingual Social Media Campaign you can build stronger business relationships in English and Spanish, nurture existing ones and develop new ones. This could open new business opportunities in new markets.

We offer different social media plans in English and/or Spanish that include one or all of the most popular platforms: Word Press blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter.

Our multilingual social media services include:

  • Social media profile creation in English and Spanish.
  • Company profile design in Twitter.
  • Company profile design and tab design in Facebook.
  • Blue print for you to manage your social media.
  • Management of content and English and Spanish platforms update.
  • Blog development, optimization and content writing for you in English and Spanish for up to four blog posts per month on a quarterly or yearly program.
  • Development of a YouTube channel for your company and optimized videos uploading.
  • Link building from social media platforms to your search engine optimized website.
  • Monthly reports detailing account activity.
  • A guide for you to contribute to the social media platforms – “How to Social Media guide”

Social Profile Setup

  • Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Blog creation with WordPress.
  • Company pages where applicable.
  • Import contacts from Outlook and invite to join.
  • Banner and text advertising when applicable.

Prospect Factory is a professional social media marketing company and we can design and manage your social media campaigns. Capture the attention of your contacts, clients and new prospects, and create an ongoing conversation with them through multilingual social media campaigns. Call Prospect Factory or send an email to contact@ProspectFactoryOnline.com to get a proposal.