Online Reputation Management and Sentiment Measurement

Integrate online reputation and sentiment measurement into your Internet marketing strategy and support your decision making through listening and measuring conversations across the web.

Our platform performs Online Reputation and Sentiment Measurement offering wide coverage of the Internet and scanning for social networks, web sites, news, RSSs, blogs, and video sites. This is all carried out with proprietary technology that can monitor communications and conversations in English as well as Spanish for those companies interested on monitoring trends on the Hispanic market.

Measure reputation and sentiment for your brand, your product, your company or your top managers and officers across the web and detect positive, negative, neutral and non relevant comments and sentiments through an executive report and an online platform for real time monitoring. Gain competitive advantage by also measuting your competition and detecting comments around them

Our platform operates on our proprietary technology with specific semantic rules for every language and special calibration for each type of segment with the following benefits:

  • Identifying main sources of information, volume, trends, growth and key players.
  • Detecting comments and measure sentiment for positive, negative, neutral and non-relevant results.
  • Detecting monitoring variables not previously considered when they start to show important trends.
  • Monitoring online reputation in social networks, websites, videos, blog, microblogs, wikis, newsfeeds, etc.
  • Scanning of multiple channels with more than 50,000 documents per analysis.
  • Measurement of one or many companies with comparisons. Ideal for monitoring competition.

Our Online Reputation Management and Sentiment Measurement is based on our proprietary platform which works in English as well as Spanish for those metrics in which the Hispanic market needs to be followed.

The monthly report includes:

  • Monitoring of sources that set different trends online.
  • Listening to social network sites, blogs and Twitter.
  • Sentiment measurement from comments and digital documents.
  • Summary of articles
  • Comparison of competitors

We offer complete Online Reputation Management and Sentiment Measurement packages that include consulting, initial configuration, adjustments, monthly reporting and access to our web platform for real time analysis when needed.

Include this service as part of your toolbox for Internet Marketing and rise your decision making to new levels by having valuable online reputation information at your fingertips. Online Reputation Management and Sentiment Measurement allows you to listen, measure, analyze and decide with more information at your disposal. Contact us today or send an email to contact@ProspectFactoryOnline.com