Get Leads – Lead Generation Strategies for the American and Hispanic Markets.

If you want to get leads in the Hispanic market, you have to be creative and explore all possibilities. Today, most searches for new suppliers are conducted online. Even if your business closes sales in person, chances are that potential customers are searching and researching online. Thus, you should be there. In order to get leads in the Hispanic market you should be in search engines in English and Spanish, in social media with multilingual campaigns, have a nice Website in both languages and tie all of it together through a sound Multilingual Internet marketing strategy. We are the one-stop-shop multilingual digital agency that can help you get new leads in the Hispanic market, convert those leads into prospects, and then convert them again into customers.

Our multilingual digital strategies are offered to you through:

We go one step further with our Secret Shopper service. Once your campaigns are running and you are all set to attract leads from the Hispanic market, our firm will then implement the Secret Shopper service to monitor the response of your sales team and measure how well they answer the phone, how they send their proposals and how they conduct follow-up leads.

In multilingual Google Ads Pay per click campaigns we can track and record phone calls as well as many other conversion actions, and can go form regional targeted campaigns to fully national coverage. In multilingual Search Engine Web Optimization SEO, we include social bookmark and strong link building. In e-mail marketing we even allow you to manage your own campaign if you have available resources to do so. We can put your company in social media resources such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and other sites so that you can be found and followed through the Internet.

If you really want to get leads in the American and the Hispanic markets, we can configure a complete strategy or deliver specific tactics with a portfolio of services. Your business can benefit from online marketing starting today. We can have your campaign up and running in three days. Call (408) 414-8183 or. Contact Prospect Factory today!