Our factory

Prospect factory follows a proven process for lead generation. We begin by understanding your strategy and your goals. Through a gap analysis we establish the ideal interactive marketing services mix for your company and design a digital media plan. Then the plan is implemented through carefully operated campaigns that, depending on your needs, might include search engine multilingual web optimization, multilingual pay-per-click, email marketing, multilingual press release distribution, multilingual social network marketing and our free secret shopper service. The purpose of all these campaigns is to reach, filter, capture and convert prospects for you.

So for us, web marketing is lead generation, brand positioning and customer contact.

How Prospect Factory process works.- our process is built as a factory where once we define a digital media plan, several connected campaigns are designed and run through our factory. Each component of the campaigns runs through a “production line” which has a process flow, a set of tools, an input, an output, a measurement, an interpretation of results and a set of new actions to start a new cycle.


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