Our Differentiation

If you are asking yourself how effective is online marketing?, we have to answer that it depends on the experience of your digital marketing agency. Our differentiation in Internet marketing is experience and the fact that we offer a complete Enterprise Digital Media Plan for English and Spanish speaking markets that implements a comprehensive long term strategy for your company.

We are different from other providers because:

  • We provide services in English and Spanish and help you reach the Spanish speaking population.
  • We base our offering on a comprehensive Digital Media Plan, not only on isolated services
  • We will work for you to produce at least two dollars for every dollar you invest in an online campaign with us.
  • We include a pay per results component that warranties our work.
  • In pay per click campaigns we can target local, regional or national audiences.
  • In pay per click campaigns we can track phone calls, e-mails, contact forms, downloads, shopping carts and any other conversion action so you can precisely measure return on investment.
  • We measure the way your sales personnel starts a sales cycle when they receive an online generated lead and provide you with information that helps the sales process.
  • We have a portfolio of services with which we can design a customized campaign for your needs.
  • We have in-house design and development resources for landing page design and website development.

So when you ask yourself how effective online marketing is, an important part of the answer comes from the offering your online agency has. If you want to invest in an effective online marketing campaign, you can contact us through our contact form.