Our Value – Internet Marketing Know How for you.

We help businesses increase sales by applying our Internet marketing knowhow in generating leads for them through the Internet. We also help their sales departments track their initial response to those leads for online campaigns to provide better results.

We generate new leads through online marketing strategies. Our knowhow in Internet marketing allows us to design and launch your campaigns in 72 hours. We then operate, manage and improve them to produce qualified traffic to your web site, providing perfect landing for your leads and specific conversion actions for your business.

Prospect Factory provides value because we offer at least two times the return on investment on online advertising budgets. Because of this, the majority of our customers’ campaigns have run continuously for more than 3 years with positive results.

We apply all our Internet marketing knowhow to place your business in relevant positions for specific searches in Google, Yahoo, MSN, social networks and other Internet search engines and high traffic portals. We provide qualified leads to your business.

Our campaigns integrate a complete mix of services like search engine optimization, paid advertising, social network marketing, web development, graphic design, press release distribution, content creation and translation and we can combine them to solve specific needs for every customer.

An important part of the value you receive with Prospect Factory is a free Secret Shopper service. Through this service we monitor the response that your business provides to online generated leads and report feedback to you so you can improve your offline initial sales process to take better advantage of the campaigns.

If you have an e-commerce site, we can drive prospects all the way to your shopping cart and increase your sales.

For every dollar you invest in online advertising, we will produce at least two dollars for you. Find out why the majority of our customers’ campaigns have run continuously for more than 3 years with positive results.

You can contact Prospect Factory and use our Internet marketing to your advantage through our contact form.