Internet Marketing for Insurance Agents is a Modern Startegy that Reaches New Customers

Potential Leads have become Internet knowledgeable; being online is a must for insurance professionals.

It is a well-known fact that insurance agents have long back been knocking doors, and building loyalties relying on long conversations, working hard to add clients to their portfolio and retain them. Nowadays, 81% of potential American adult clients have become sophisticated Internet consumers, cross referencing every offer to make educated choices on which products and services to acquire. Bottom line is, if you want to be found during their ongoing search, be the first to get to them.

Streamline your hardly earned, highly refined sales skills into an online prospect catcher.

An insurance sale is probably one of the hardest to close. Insurance agents rate among the best sales people, because the need to possess considerable sales skills, which require hard work and long hours.
We can help you streamline those hard earned skills of yours into online techniques, so that you can master one of the Internet’s most powerful pieces: “Online Marketing”. With us you can present your ad, land your prospects, and start more sales cycles. You have done the hard work so far, let us take over.

Skip the target practice, hitting the correct market is an art in itself.

We help you aim so you can focus on the message.
Now you can reach specific clients and measure results with affordable investment. We can place your website in relevant positions in the main search engines including Google when people search for targeted keywords. Not taking advantage of this could mean many lost opportunities for your business. Contact Prospect Factory Online today.

From potential prospects to client relationships.

Our Internet marketing strategies will produce better quality leads with more efficient sale cycles, thus giving you more closing chances. Thanks to our SEO campaigns – which work extremely well for specialized firms with niche markets – you will get very good search engine results. When somebody clicks on an online ad or a search engine listing, he or she explicitly states an interest in your offering

Ready, get set, leads!

Three days is how long it will take for you to witness the beginning of successful lead generation for your business. In such short period of time, we will design and launch your custom online campaign, and then operate, manage and make improvements to provide pre-approved incoming traffic to your website.

Zero risk investment, high yields… a great deal.

  • Positive results. – Internet marketing provides a ROI of twice your investment, at least. For every dollar invested in online advertising we will assure return of at least two. Some clients can even give you up to ten times return on investment. Curious why most of our clients’ campaigns have ran continuously for three years with positive results? Come and find out.
  • No compromised warranties. Pay per results… it is that simple. If we do not yield results based on agreed objectives, you will stop paying.
  • Exposure and positioning. – High traffic search engines provide exposure to tens of thousands of potential clients and contribute to the generation of fine tuned leads for landing; plus, they position your brand ahead of the rest.
  • Measurement. – We set metrics and provide reports that allow you to track your advertising efficiency.

Every successful recipe has its own secret component.

One thing that distinguishes our Internet marketing service from that of our competitors is our ability to help you track your business’ initial response to qualified leads through our Secret Shopper, of which results are reported back to you so that you will be able to improve offline initial contact and sale closing. Assure the sale and get revenue out of every lead.

From start to leads in five simple steps.

Measure: Metrics.

All our services include a clear, specific set of metrics which links and report results, allowing us to implement improvements actions for the next cycle.

Powerful search engine marketing toolbox at your fingertips.

  • Sponsored Listings (Pay Per Click)
    Whenever your firm ad is found on relevant positions of sponsored links section of search engines you obtain perfect segmentation, perfect landing, and a high conversion rate. We can put you on top positions of sponsored listings for Google and similar engines and make optimal use of your budget. Have potential clients contact you when they see your ad.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    A strategy that helps your site reach top positions in search engine listings and avoid the need to pay for clicks. Your site will reach top positions in the organic or natural listing space and capture leads for your business. We apply specialized techniques and algorithms as rankings of search engines are constantly shifting and prevent you for paying for clicks.
  • E-Mail Marketing (permission marketing)
    Reach your contacts and current clients with an e-mail newsletter, a promotion, an invitation or an online survey, and reach your contacts with carefully designed e-mail communication that can be meticulously measured. Permission e-mail campaigns complement other search engine marketing strategies and improve results. We fully comply with permission marketing best practices (no spam).
  • Social Network Marketing
    Segmentation. Get prospects from search engines from within social media where you can quickly get high quality leads based on common interests, groups and applications using a well thought set of ads and tools to select potential clients.
  • Get your story out there.
    Increase your traffic, generate interest and reach out to prospects. We optimize and distribute your press releases along with the implementation of a result tracking model, thus constantly improving your public relations strategy.
  • SEO friendly web site design and development.
    We resort to advanced technologies for website design and development key to an Internet strategy. Our websites are search engine friendly and feature full admin interface that allows you to update contents yourself and enables us to implement onsite SEO techniques for better search engine marketing techniques.


First things first: We have you covered.

Our first step is to make the consultancy effort right on the spot. It is key for us to know how your firm works and what your goals are. so we can create a marketing service specially tailored to your exact needs. An “Interactive Marketing Service Mix” includes:


We will make a proposal that matches your budget and meets your needs.
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