Does your appointment book have empty spaces?

With Internet Marketing for Physicians you can fill the empty spaces in your appointment book with new patients. Our Internet marketing campaigns help you attract new patients and increase your practice.

Be the first to show on medical services queries locally or nationally.

It has become increasingly important for medical practitioners to reach out for patients in a broader environment. Many clients are unaware of the possibilities for treatment, but the Internet provides that platform with a myriad of tools and unprecedented speeds for prospective clients.

Lead generation with an Internet Marketing Campaign for pPysicians is affordable.

Today, reaching out to people searching for medical services through the Internet is a must. A growing number of clients searches actively through the web for different types of medical care, from simple consultation to surgery. Aimed advertising and Search Engine Optimization for physicians will help you land right where the prospective client needs you to be. Potential patients now more than ever before look for immediate response to their needs, and with our Internet marketing campaigns for medical services, you can be exactly where they search.

From potential prospects to patient relationships.

Our online strategies made up by Search Engine Optimization SEO services, Pay per click campaigns and Social Media campaigns in English and Spanish, will produce better quality leads with more efficient sales cycles for you. Search marketing allows practitioners to reach prospects that are actively searching for services. Thanks to our Internet marketing campaigns for physicians and medical services, you can get very good search engine results. When somebody clicks on an online ad or a search engine listing, he or she explicitly states an interest in your offering and the cycle for a new patient begins.

Ready, get set, leads!

Three days is how long it will take for you to witness the beginning of successful lead generation for your professional practice. In such short period of time, we will design and launch your custom online campaign, and then operate, manage and make improvements to provide pre-approved incoming traffic to your website. Contact Prospect Factory Online today.

We specialize in landing page design for physicians and medical services. Your prospective patient will land in a clean, informative and conversion driven page.

Zero Risk Investment, high yields… a good deal.

  • Positive results. – Internet marketing for physicians and medical services campaigns provides a ROI of twice your investment, at least. For every dollar invested in online advertising we will assure return of at least two. Some clients can even give you up to ten times return on investment. Curious why most of our clients’ campaigns have ran continuously for three years with positive results? Come and find out.
  • No compromised warranties. Pay per results… it is that simple. If we do not yield results based on agreed objectives, you will stop paying.
  • Exposure and positioning. – High traffic search engines provide exposure to tens of thousands of potential patients and contribute to the generation of fine tuned leads for landing; plus, they position your brand as a doctor or medical services provider ahead of the rest.
  • Measurement. – Our Internet marketing campaigns specially designed for physicians, establish metrics, and provide reports that allow you to track your advertising efficiency.

Every successful recipe has its own secret component.

One thing that distinguishes our Internet marketing services for physicians and medical service providers from that of competitors is our ability to help you track your business’ initial response to qualified leads through our Secret Shopper, of which results are reported back to you. This free service – part of our Internet Marketing Campaigns for Physicians and Medical Service Providers – help you improve your offline initial contact and sale closing. Assure the sale and get revenue out of every lead.

From start to Leads in five simple steps.

Your lead generation campaign is a five step process – place, engage, convert, initiate ,and measure – which we implement for you at our Prospect Factory. Our methodology assures consistent implementation, objective measurement and improvement of your campaign within days.

Powerful search engine marketing toolbox at your fingertips. Competitive fees and great results. Your website can be listed on the major search engines with great rankings thanks to our combined experience on Search Engine Marketing, Pay per click campaigns and Web Design for physicians. We can either work hand in hand with designers or hosting companies you choose, or take care of your new website completely and manage all aspects of your online strategy.

  • Sponsored Listings Pay Per Click for physicians and medical services
    Whenever your firm ad is found on relevant positions of sponsored links section of search engines you obtain perfect segmentation, perfect landing and a high conversion rate. We can put you on top positions of sponsored listings for Google and similar engines and make optimal use of your budget. Have potential clients contact you when they see your ad. Our technology allows for precise local advertising and complete tracking from phone calls to e-mails, contact forms, downloads and online appointments.
  • Search Engine Optimization SEO for physicians and medical services
    A strategy that helps your site reach top positions in search engine listings and avoid the need to pay for clicks. Your site will reach top positions in the organic or natural listing space and capture leads for your firm. We apply specialized techniques and algorithms as rankings of search engines are constantly shifting and prevent you for paying for clicks.
  • E-Mail Marketing permission marketing for physicians and medical services
    Reach your contacts and current clients with an e-mail newsletter, a promotion, an invitation or an online survey, and reach your contacts with carefully designed e-mail communication that can be meticulously measured. Permission e-mail campaigns complement other Search Engine Marketing strategies and improve results. We fully comply with permission marketing best practices (no spam).
  • Social Network Marketing for physicians and medical services
    Segmentation. Get prospects from search engines from within social media where you can quickly get high quality leads based on common interests, groups and applications using a well thought set of ads and tools to select potential clients.
  • Get your story out there.
    Increase your traffic, generate interest and reach out to prospects. We optimize and distribute your press releases along with the implementation of a result tracking model, thus constantly improving your public relations strategy.
  • SEO friendly website design and development for physicians and medical services.
    We resort to advanced technologies for website design and development key to an Internet strategy. Our websites are search engine friendly and feature full admin interface that allows you to update contents yourself and enable us to implement onsite SEO techniques for better search engine marketing techniques.


First things first: We have physicians and medical service providers covered.

Our first step is to make the consultancy effort right on the spot. It is key for us to know how your business works and what your goals are, so we can create a marketing service specially tailored to your exact needs. An “Interactive Marketing Service Mix” includes:

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