Permission Email Marketing

Gaining new customers calls for a great amount of energy, but retaining them and keeping your company in their top of mind calls for energy and strategy.

Permission Email marketing is a direct marketing service that sends periodic professionally designed emails to your customer base and enhances the relationship with them, builds loyalty and drives repetitive business. Once you get permission from your customer, you can send newsletters, product news, promotional coupons, invitations and more.

Permission Email marketing is not spam because your customers, prospects and contacts are interested in your information, have given their permission to receive your communications and have a clear and easy way to unsubscribe if they do not want to receive your e-mails any more.

Permission Email Marketing by Constant Contact

Our permission Email marketing service, powered by Constant Contact, can be administered in two ways. A “Full Service” Option where we do everything for you: enter your message, design your piece, link your messages to your website, send and measure every piece for results and report on every campaign. Or a “Self Serve” option where we set-up our system for you to manage your own e-mail marketing campaigns (If you want a FREE Email Marketing Trial you can click here.)

Benefits of our Permission Email marketing service:

  • You can create great looking emails.-  with professional HTML templates or by importing your own design.
  • Requires no technical skills or support staff.- the system is easy to use and includes an amazing set of tutorials in its learning center.
  • Delivers measurable results.- it includes a robust measuring system with easy to read reports that let you track the results of a single email or a full campaign.
  • Gets higher email deliverability.- the system delivers above 97% of the email on our clients behalf into the recipient´s inbox, compared to an industry standard average of 81%.
  • Handles formating.- the system makes sure that your emails get delivered to your subscribers in the correct format every time, so they can be properly read by the recipient.
  • We are an approved bulk mailer.- many email systems limit the number or emails you can send at once. Our service is a recognized email marketing service with strong relationships with ISPs.
  • We follow professional mailing practices.- email marketing is a mature industry and we are one of the leaders who follow all best practices on your behalf.
  • We provide list hosting and management.- our system hosts your lists and provide critical list management functions so your list is always effective, clean and well segmented.
  • Includes frequent updates and enhancements.- once you sign into the system you are an active member that benefits of all enhancements and upgrades without any additional costs.
  • We comply with email laws.- our system complies with IS laws, for example the US, CAN SPAM Act.

Get a Free Test for our Permission Email Marketing Service.

If you want a FREE Email Marketing Trial you can click here and test our system 60 days at no charge .

A carefully designed Email marketing campaign includes components that contain links to your Web site or landing page so that you can convert and/or drive traffic.

Cost elements: Your e-mail marketing campaign will be quoted depending on the number of contacts in the database, the number of pieces sent during one month and the number of different messages and/or graphic designs. Monthly charges depend on volume and whether you choose a Full Service or a Self Service option.

Results: E-mail marketing campaigns yield immediate results few days after the e-mail piece is sent, but long term results are also obtained in terms of brand positioning and top of mind

Contact Prospect Factory, we can design and manage your Permission Email Marketing campaign.

If you wish to develop an e-mail marketing campaign contact Prospect Factory and we will request necessary data to quote your campaign, if you want to test our system FREE for 60 days, click here.