Landing pages

Landing pages are also known as “lead capture pages” or “prospect capture pages”. Multilingual landing pages can be developed in English and Spanish and they improve conversion of your multilingual pay per click campaigns, your banner ads and your email marketing campaigns. Landing pages in Spanish are especially useful in campaigns targeting the Hispanic market because they can complement an English website.

If you are running a pay per click campaign, you should be directing your prospects to landing pages, otherwise you are loosing money by paying clicks that do not convert.

A multilingual landing page is the page where a visitor is taken when he or she clicks on an advertisement, a sponsored link, a search engine result, a banner ad or an e-mail piece and it presents content specifically written around the keyword that triggered it in the language with which the search took place (English or Spanish). A well designed landing page should result in a conversion.

Landing pages are a crucial component of multilingual pay per click campaigns as they are responsible for conversions. A conversion action resulting from a landing page can be: form submittal, membership registration, quote request, software download, article download, online chat session, or online purchase in a shopping cart. As defined by marketers, ”a conversion occurs when a prospective customer carries out the marketer’s intended action”.

A landing page is different from the product or service page on a website and, it results in conversion more effectively than when the prospect is merely taken to a website section. Our technology allows us to design different landing pages for a single keyword; thus, we can measure which of them converts better and use the most effective landing page available for your business, your target market and the keywords and key phrases used in your campaign or your ad. The landing page test and optimization process can be done for keywords in English and keywords in Spanish.

Remember that whenever you invest in a banner ad or in a pay per click campaign, the only thing that you get if such ad is working correctly, is a filtered prospect searching for the service or product that your company offers. However, you are still far away from converting such a prospect into a specific action that will eventually take him to purchase from your company. Multilingual landing pages help reach that conversion and initiate sales cycles for your company.

Multilingual landing pages improve the return on investment of your banner ads and pay per click campaigns.

If you are interested in the analysis of your campaign and a proposal for multilingual landing pages that improve additional e-marketing efforts, please contact Prospect Factory and we will send a form where you can define your objectives for us to asses and quote a multilingual landing page project.