If you are wondering how to optimize landing pages, this basic tips should be usefull.  Landing pages are a crucial component of campaigns like multilingual pay per click campaigns as they are responsible for conversion. Therefore, they should be well designed and easy to navigate. Below you will find five tips to optimize your multilingual landing pages.

Be sure the ad links to the corresponding page
All too often people click an ad or link and land to a completely different website than they expected. A landing page that has nothing to do with the ad will cause irritation, make you lose this prospect, and will likewise not result in a conversion.

Keep it simple and communicate clearly
A well designed landing page will immediately provide your visitors with the information they are looking for. Remember the ‘One Click’ rule. People want quick access to specific information and don’t want to have to click through a series of pages to get it. You need to keep it simple and communicate very clearly what you want the visitor to know or to do.

Use the language of your customers
If you are using the best possible content, but don’t talk your customer’s language, nobody will be able to find your website. To find out what people are using when they search the Internet for your products, you will have to carry out key word research in English and possible other languages used on your website.

Write a clear and persuasive message
As long as you keep writing interesting and useful content, your reader will read long texts. However, keeping your body to the point and starting every paragraph with important points, makes it easier for your visitors to get your message without having to spend too much time.

Don’t be pushy
If you want to build up interest and trust with your visitors, don’t push them along with unclear goals, excessive demands, and only wanting to close the deal. Just be sure you have provided them with the right information and don’t demand everything the minute they land to your landing page.

So, when thinking on how to optimize your landing pages, keep these remarks in mind and you will be able to improve your (multilingual) landing pages. Whenever you need some help creating them or you have questions about this topic, don’t hesitate to contact us or read more about multilingual landing pages.