Blog marketing isn’t just a powerful internet marketing method to build up your business and to increase your sales your business leads and your brand recognition. Blogging can also work to develop your own personal online reputation which migh be very useful when looking for a new job.

You can use blogs to share your experience on topics that you are interested and passionate about and to establish an online network that is interested in your ideas.

Use blogging to develop your career in two ways

  1. You can blog about industry specific information and develop your own personal brand as the expert in your industry. This is very effective if you strategically seek and select the topics that aligns with your career plans. Some of your readers will search for you to do work with them as you develop your own audience.
  2. Resumé blogging. You can use your blog as an in-depth resumé that the top search engines can index. This makes it easy for the widest group of potential employers to find you. Your resume blog can be much more in-depth than your traditional 1-3 page paper resume. You can include postings on career stories, projects and even major accomplishments about you.

Your resumé blog can be a great way to publish your portfolio to the widest group of employers online. Employers can find your blog  instead of traditional job searching methods like searching through crowded job boards and job newspapers and quickly grasp your experience in your field.

As always, try to avoid freebies when blogging, specially if the blog will be your own personal image on the Web. Do not use hosted blog platforms as they will not position your name very well in search engines, invest a little bit more, have a professional blog designer/developer construct a Worpress blog for you (like this one you are reading) and ask him to brief you on the correct way to crite and post content so it is indexed and listed by Google and other search engines, believe us, the investment will pay.