Whatever network you use, it is most probable that you are using social media for business purposes. Nowadays, more and more business is done through social networks and there are some common pitfalls that people make. Wondering what are the biggest mistakes made on Facebook? This blog post will describe the most common ones and how to avoid them.

Pitfall 1: sporadic updates
Social media is all about online presence and updating your profile regularly to keep your following interested. Once you have decided to create one or more social media profiles for your company, you should make sure to at least update it daily. Today’s society is a fast one and the only way to retain your readers’ attention is to regularly post interesting and relevant posts.

Tools exist that make it easier for you to increase your online presence. Hootsuite, for example, is a program that you can use to schedule your tweets and posts in advance.

Pitfall 2: too many hashtags
Hashtags are only pertinent for Twitter and can be used to categorize your message. People looking for something using a certain keyword will arrive at a general page where all tweets with this #keyword are listed from most recent to older.
However, if you are using a program like Hootsuite to help you schedule your posts, it will send one single message across the several social networks you are using. This results in the appearance of hashtags in Facebook posts while it doesn’t have any meaning on this platform and might thus be considered spam rather than actual messages. Therefore, take care too many hashtags don’t show up in all your profiles.

Pitfall 3: angry dialogues
Whenever you are about to get involved in angry dialogues or heated discussions, think about your online brand reputation and take the conversation offline to avoid any damage to it. You can better consider criticism as an opportunity to address the issue and correct it. On the other hand, if your customers give your business a good review, you should take the time to thank them. You could even consider offering them something in return.

Pitfall 4: oversharing
One of the easiest mistakes to make on Facebook or any other social network is oversharing. Your customers are most probably more interested in the status of your business, information about products and services, discounts, and developments than in personal information like coming down with a cold or having a bad hair day. When the content of your tweets or posts are considered spam your following will quickly shrink.