We have talked about linking your email marketing pieces to your social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin, but if you provide links to content rich social sites, then your email marketing can be very interactive. Some ideas:

  • Have links to your photo albums on Flickr where you can show your products, your staff and your happy customers.
  • Direct your reader to YouTube videos
  • Direct them to product or company presentations on Slideshare.

People like to look at photographs and videos and to get free Powerpoint presentations. With links to this social media sites, you add interactivity to your email marketing pieces and can provide them additional information in a fun way.

You can also provide interactivity in your email signature. Think how many emails your send per day, per week, per month and what a great opportunity to link the recipients of your personal emails to your blog, your social networks and your social media sites.

QR Barcode Example

QR Barcode Example

If you want to provide interactivity for mobile devices, then try inserting a QR Barcode into your emails. With more mobile phones being enabled for QR Barcoding reading, QR codes are  becoming a valuable way to aggregate content to people reading you through mobile devices.

Users with a camera phone equipped with the correct reader application can scan the image of the QR code to display text, contact information, connect to a wireless network, or open a web page in the phone’s browser.

A professional email system that can integrate HTML designs done by you or insert graphic elements into their email templates can easily integrate QR codes into your email piece and open a world of interactivity that ir growing fast.

Our next post will be on the use of social media and blogs to reinforce your email marketing strategy, see you in a few hours… To be on top of frequent email marketing info, follo @3emailmarketing in Twitter.