You can use social media to extend the life of your content. We have talked in previous posts about the complexity of developing good content that ads value; the problem with email marketing is that the content you send to your subscribers remains in the inboxes but does not get published to the web. So you need to implement a strategy through which your content gets published to the world wide web and remains there so if somebody searches for relevant keywords related to your content, it can be found, this extending the reach of your content.  Imagine that, besides having your subscribers read your Newsletter, now you can heve new contacts find your content in the web, read it and subscribe to your list or better yer, contact you or your company.

If your content can be made permanently accessible via a URL, then you can gain visibility. So what we recommend to have your content published in the web is several tactics:

Create a blog of your own and be sure that your newsletter get posted into your blog, but be careful to have your blog designed and hosted with a professional solution not a free blogging site which will not rank as effectively as your own blog, We suggest you use the WordPress solution to have a professional develop your blog and then host it in your own domain.

Once you post your content in your blog, each Newsletter will have it own URL (check the URL of this blog post in your browser, that is a unique URL for this blog post that gives anybody, direct access to this note) and then you can post such URL in your social networks with several benefits: first, having this links pointing back to your website from the social sites will help your search engine rankings and your search engine optimization strategy; second,  it will give your followers a fast path to your Newsletters, the current and all the archived ones,  and if your content ads value, some of them will certainly refer o recommend your own friends to visit your blog and then signup. Moreover, if your blog includes an RSS feed function, then your visitor could sign up to your blog, activating for you a  new communication channel with a new group of followers an potential customers.

In order to avoid cannibalization of your email Newsletters by your blog posts, you can build a delay so your subscriber list receives the Newsletter first and then, maybe a week or a month later, you post it to your blog, so those people that want fresh content, will always have an incentive to sign up to the email Newsletter.

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