Use your blog as a source for content. In our previous post we talked about first sending a Newsletter and then publishing it to your blog, even with a delay. Now, let’s explore the opposite. You can use your blog to post continuous ideas on a topic, much more frequently than the frequency with such you can send Newsletter before becoming annoying. So you can post often and then, after several posts, you can choose the more relevant parts of similar articles and assemble them into a good Newsletter. Remember that your audience will not always be the same, so you can test your content in the blog and then, using some good analytics, find out which content got more visits and through your blog system, see which got more comments, and then, from these measurements, decide which content should go into your next Newsletter. You can even quote some comments from your reader at the blog when you write the Newsletter.

Blogs are the quintessential tool in an internet marketing strategy because, properly designed and placed, can be at the center of the social media strategy, the email marketing strategy, the content strategy and the search engine optimization strategy so be serious about considering a developing a blog for your internet marketing strategy.

If you use a professional email marketing service, then you can also save your drafts for future Newsletters in the system so you can write content and post it to your blog at the same time you can draft your next Newsletter in your email marketing system for future editing and sending.

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