Email marketing data offers incredible segmentation power and the ability to take advantage of small audience segments that might otherwise be financially or technically difficult to reach.

Email Marketing Strategy

Email Marketing Strategy

If you haven’t started segmenting your list and sending more targeted messages based on recipient data or behaviors, start now and do it according to your Internet marketing strategy so your email marketing efforts support all other online marketing efforts.

Most of the research in the email industry indicates that segmentation yields significant gains in email conversions. Nevertheless, in order to attain good segmentation, you need to plan it from your contact form so your visitors provide initial segmentation and make your life easier.

Some typical strategies for segmentation include:

  • Geography ‐ This is an easy, fairly obvious segment. For example, your customer in Florida is likely not interested in a snowmobile. And your customer in Minnesota probably isn’t interested in a jet ski—not in the winter, anyway. Geography can also be an indicator of buying patterns and other influences on the purchase cycle. Take the technology industry, for example. In high‐tech pockets like Silicon Valley, Boston and Austin, early adopters are far more common.
  • Demographics ‐ This is another easy one, and can make a lot of sense. For example, we know men and women can interpret information quite differently. Younger vs. older audiences take in information in different ways as well.
  • Job title and function ‐ Are you emailing potential users with none–or all–of the buying power? An owner or CFO may want to know about ROI, while a middle manager may just want to make his or her job easier. An engineer or programmer may want to find better ways to work, and so on…
  • Purchasing frequency ‐ Less frequent purchasers may require a time‐sensitive offer to encourage them to act. Another approach would be to reward frequent buyers with exclusive privileges via email.
  • Monetary spending ‐ Adjust resources so you’re dedicating your efforts toward customers who spend the most money with your company.
  • … and others…

If you have been segmenting your email audiences, don’t stop. Try to find new ways to segment and look at segmentation based on historical email activity, perhaps treating people who are frequent “clickers” or “openers” differently. You can add an auto-segment field in your contact form and have the visitor segment himself when opting in. Some of the professional tools in the market allow you you insert their own contact form in your website so when an visitor opts in, it is automatically captured into de database of the email marketing application and if you include fields for segmenting, then everything is done automatically.

Our next post will be on: Email Marketing Strategy: your content should add value … See you here!