The way email marketing and social media interact and reinforce, is amazing. In the previous posts we have extensively talked about this, some of our reader ask us to show this interaction in a graphic form. Our friends from Constant Contact have published this diagram in some of their whitepapers, and we  think it illustrates very well the interaction; pleas note that all arrows are bidirectional, and this is where the beauty of the process is.  

Constant Contact EMM and Social Cycle

Email marketing + blog + social

If you do all three, you can have multiplying effects on all three. Using the three components, you can certainly have a winning strategy. And you can decide where to start because all componente feed the others in both directions.

The number of ways you can interact with contacts, prospects and clients has grown but you have to be certain to build the right components into your strategy:

1) A professional email service.

2) A professional blog solution.

3 ) A solid social media presence.

Tomorrow we will post on how social mails add strong worth-of-mouth to your strategy …Come back! … To be on top of frequent email marketing info, follow @3emailmarketing in Twitter.