One one the best strategies for an effective email marketing campaign is to clean and nurture your Email List

Be sure to perform a thorough cleaning of your email lists. This does not mean blindly deleting a bunch of names, but rather using segmentation strategies to treat historically inactive recipients differently than people who are actively opening and clicking on your email messages. Here are some suggestions for cleaning house:

  • Take a close look at your lists and list segments. Are there some list segments you are never using? If so, clean them out.
  • Today’s email success is about quality, not quantity.
  • Review lists of people who have not responded to messages in the past few months and contact them in a different way than the rest of your list. If they still do not respond, consider removing them.
  • Review any new list segments you may want to make. Are there any ways to segment and strengthen messages to various groups? If so, segment them now and start communicating more effectively to those groups.
  • Review your contact forms and make sure you are letting the visitor segment himself whn he opts in.

Many professional email tools have cleaning tools that come very handy when your lists are bad and/or old so keep in mind always using a tool thak make your life easier.

Your organization’s database of contacts is a valuable marketing resource. A well managed, clean database that is updated often and regularly cleaned is a treasure. Building a list takes time and having it up to date is a must.

Our netx post will be on: Email marketing Strategy: Buying lists… Should you? … See you tomorrow!