You have designed one or more landing pages for your company website and you have directed your traffic towards it. For some reason, however, the results are rather disappointing. This short summary of common landing page mistakes might help you find the source of disappointment and provide you with ideas on how to improve your landing pages and how to avoid common landing page mistakes in the future.

Misleading headings
You only have little time to convince the users that see the headline copy on your landing page to stick around and read more about you and your company. If Internet users are looking for (information about) a certain product or service and find a promising PPC ad they will have expectations. If you cannot live up to those expectations those users will get frustrated. Moreover, you want to attract your target customers instead of visitors that would not do business with you but who arrived at your website because of misleading headings.

Irrelevant content
In today’s modern and fast paced society with ‘time is money’ being a frequently heard phrase, you should put effort in entertaining the visitors of your website and make sure they do not click away because the content of your website is boring. The objective of your landing page is to interest people for the products and/or services your company offers and get them to do business with you, so give your visitors all the information they need to contact you.

Confusing design
When designing your landing page you should always keep in mind that it needs to serve your visitors. Your landing page should be clear, what you could achieve by listing benefits and advantages of your products and/or services in bullet point format for example. Avoid including links to irrelevant pages, because too many extra elements on your landing page can result in a lower conversion rate.

To sum up: create relevant and honest headings that give your readers a good impression of your company, put some effort in writing interesting content, and think thoroughly about the design of your landing page. This is how to avoid common landing page mistakes and it will help you to improve your conversion. If you might need help with designing your landing page or you have questions about landing pages, don’t hesitate to contact us.