Email shifts from a purely desktop oriented occupation to the real, always-online world. There is a wide user over different devices. This is not only relevant for desktop, it is becoming increasingly popular on mobile devices too. Not taking into account mobile e-mail will most likely make you lose money, so if you want to know how to benefit from mobile email, please read about some interesting outcomes from a research done by Knotice.

In 2010, about 14 percent of emails were opened on mobile devices. In 2012, this number raised to 36 percent, of which about 26 percent was opened with mobile phones and about 10 percent with a tablet. Although the click-through rates on mobile devices are lower than those on the desktop, those rates will increase because of a number of reasons:

  • More and more companies send emails that are optimized for mobile devices
  • Users are more used to interacting with email and websites on their mobile phones
  • Ever more website are responsive and suited for interacting with a tablet or mobile device.

It is obvious that it becomes increasingly important to include mobile marketing into your marketing strategy in order to reach consumers in a meaningful way. Through mobile marketing you can engage with mobile users. The following four mobile marketing techniques prove mobile’s strength as a marketing channel:

  1. Social connectivity – adding a social media component to your mobile ads will increase consumers interactivity. A reason for this increase is the fact that mobile users are generally more social than other consumers.
  2. Full-screen mobile ads – the phrase bigger is better also counts for mobile marketing as marketers find that full-screen mobile ads earn the company more than the smaller banner ads for example. Always keep in mind that it should be a positive experience for the users.
  3. Contextual ads – it is difficult to target ads because of the inability to include cookies in mobile. Therefore, you should try to focus on aligning your ads with the content a user is viewing . In this way, the click-through rate will probably be higher.
  4. Transparent banners – by showing the viewers of a banner what they can expect once they click through, the click-through rate of your ads will be higher. Instead of the standard static banners, you could create banners that feature rich media like animation and video that engage users before the click.

Engage mobile users by incorporating mobile into your efforts. The above mentioned mobile marketing techniques will complement your other social media efforts and provide you with significant results.