Whether you organize a large conference or just a small local gathering, you can always use social media to promote it. But how to use social media to promote an event? In this article we will explain five ways to get the word out and make sure attention is drawn to your e

Create an event on Facebook
Creating a Facebook page for your event offers attendees the possibility to share the event with their contacts, and by sharing and re-sharing you can reach an enormous group of people. Furthermore, the event page will function as a channel for asking questions and thus providing some sort of customer service through that page.

Create videos that people will share
Creating a promoting video about your event with great visuals and sound will help you drive your target market to the event you created and increase the chances of the event being shared with friends. Using video to promote your event is efficient because with one single video you can promote your event on your website, send a link with the video to potential attendees, and upload it to different social media profiles.

Incorporate a Twitter Widget to the event page
You can easily take advantage of people talking about your event on Twitter by adding a Twitter widget to your event page. By seeing other people talk positively about it, new site visitors might be encouraged to visit the event as well.

You could also create a special tweet for attendees. In this way people can easily tell their friends about the event by clicking a button. You can create such a message on this page on Twitter.

Interview the speakers of your event
Getting exposure is one of the most important reasons for experts to speak at events, and one of the most important reasons for visitors to attend an event is to meet the presenters. Therefore, you should exploit this opportunity of generating interest for your event by interviewing speakers and in that way creating valuable and interesting content for all. At the end of such an interview you could also mention that people could actually meet the interviewee at the event.

Give away one or more tickets
Social media lends itself perfectly for creating contests. The opportunity to win something can be a great motivator, so why not give away one or more tickets for the event you have created? You could do this by creating an attractive blog post in which both the prize (the tickets for the event) and how to participate are described. Increasing the reach of the contest could be achieved by offering the possibility to participate through different social media channels. Furthermore, in order to maximize participation, you should try to keep the requirements easy.

We hope you are inspired by those five ways of how to use social media to promote an event. If you need help with creating content for your social media profiles or developing a website for your event, please don’t hesitate to contact us.