More than one billion people are using Facebook actively each month. Having a strong presence on Facebook can help your company increase online visibility, lead generation, credibility, and will improve rankings in search engines like Google and Yahoo. Therefore, it is recommended to inculde this social media platform in your social marketing plan. Wondering how to get the most out of your Facebook profile through optimizing your Facebook timeline? Below you will five tips ranging from changes considering your cover photo to adding interesting milestones to your timeline.

  1. Your cover photo and profile picture are your biggest branding opportunity
    The cover photo at your Facebook page is the large image that appears at the top of your profile. This image is your chance to tell the visitors of your page what your business is about. It does not necessarily have to include pictures of the products you sell; it could also show the sentiments connected to your brand, what message do you want to send out? Moreover, your cover page can’t be an advertisement with a call to action like “call now”, nor can it have special offers like “two for the price of one.” Another advice is to tell your story with photos, because images attract people to your business.
  2. Facilitate call to action
    As Facebook does not allow you to include contact information or website addresses on your cover photo, you could should include ‘’call to action’’ information in the ‘’About’’ section of your profile.
  3. Custom your tab images
    No longer will your visitors have to navigate through a menu consisting of tiny icons on the left hand side of the page. They will now find a menu with a number of customized tab images on the top right hand of your company page, just below your cover photo. The first four are the most important ones as those will be seen first by the visitors of your page, the remaining ones are only displayed when clicking the ‘’arrow’’ icon to the right of the tabs. You could also decide to include less than four tab images, in that way the ‘’About” information will occupy the ‘extra’ space.
  4. Create visual interest by adding interesting milestones
    Since the arrival of the new Facebook Timeline, the wall posts are not exactly sequenced chronologically, which makes the format hard to follow. You can break the two-column layout and organize your content by adding “milestones”, key moments that will be automatically expanded to widescreen and highlighted on your company page. You can add a name, location, date, story and photo. Examples of milestones are: the foundation of your company, new staff, new products, and more.

Applying those tips, you will soon find out that how to get the most out of your Facebook company profile greatly depends on putting some effort in improving your Timeline. Do you have your Facebook company page optimized for Timeline?