5 organizational modelsExperts that are studying how organizations are approaching  the challenges of managing a social media campaign have found five models that can help implement a content publishing marketing strategy that generates valuable rivers of information for your customers:

1)      Decentralized.- all contributors move on their own, allows for organic growth, it respects authenticity as all contributors have freedom to write, experimental but uncoordinated. No one department manages or coordinates efforts. According to “Altimeter Group” approximately 10% of companies use this model

2)      Centralized.- one central coordination entity, one department controls all efforts,  assures consistency,  policies  and protocols rule contributors who cannot be as authentic but at the same time assures for a unified message across the company and supports brand credibility strategies. According to “Altimeter Group” approximately 28.8% of companies use this model.

3)      Hub and Spoke.- similar to centralized, one entity sets policies and procedures and spreads to business units who then undertake their own efforts and execution plans. It is good for big organizations with divisions and business unites that address different markets and different audiences. More bureaucratic and take time. According to “Altimeter Group” approximately 41% of companies use this model. This model has proven effective as it provides coordination but allows business units to deploy on their own.

4)      Multiple Hub and Spoke.- it is a combination  of several hubs for bigger organizations. According to “Altimeter Group” approximately 18% of companies use this model.

5)      All over the place.- there is a general set of rules but employees and contributors are empowered to do their own thing. Employees have a basic set of do´s and don’ts but at the end, are free to publish as they feel. Almost no companies use this model by definition, nevertheless this is the model that arises when the company does not have a policy and the general rules come from other initiatives.

Obviously, the model you choose depends on the shape, size, coverage and goals of your organization, just be careful not to avoid deciding a model, you must make a decision and choose a model, either to write and publish content or to manage a complete social media program. You need to formalize an organizational model and implement it accordingly.

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Carlos Guzman D | WSI Certified  Internet Marketing Consultant.