Wondering what are the benefits of search engine optimization for your company? Search engine optimization (SEO) helps you getting your website indexed, discovered and analyzed. It also gets your website ranked on the search engines and improves your rankings of keywords that users use to search for desired products or services. Research done by Virtual Splat Software shows that:

  • 85% of websites are found through search engines, and;
  • 90% of the visitors looking for something on the Internet do not look any further than the first 30 results.

Those results show the importance of (multilingual) search engine optimization for companies. If people cannot find your company on the Internet, you might indirectly refer a great deal of potential business to your competitors. Search engine optimization is one of the most cost-effective ways that can be used to achieve increased website traffic to company websites. As the importance already became clear, we will now explain what are the benefits of search engine optimization:

  • Gaining presence on the Internet for your company – online presence is a must for any company.
  • Targeting the desired customers – if your website matches the search query people carry out using specific keywords, they might be redirected to your company.
  • Credibility by getting listed in popular search engines – getting listed by popular search engines like Google and Yahoo and appearing at the first page of Google will help you increasing your brand creditability, because people usually trust the natural, also called organic, search results more than the paid advertisements that appear on Google as well.
  • SEO supports your online brand management.
  • SEO is cost-effective – you will pay for having your website and pages optimized, but in contrast to paid advertising like Pay per Click (PPC), you don’t have to pay for every time someone clicks on your company’s listing on the search engines. Moreover, once you have obtained your positions, it is easy to maintain it at low cost.
  • Insight into keyword usage – through measuring your results using software like Google Analytics, you will be able to have an insight into the most frequently used keywords by both visitors and buyers.

The benefits of search engine optimization are endless and by having provided seven reasons to use it, we hope we convinced you that using SEO is very beneficial for your company. If you would like to know more about search engine optimization, don’t hesitate to contact us.