Twitter can be one of the most powerful social media marketing websites today. While it may still accommodate a lot of pointless babble, this real-time short messaging service continues to go from strength to strength as a viable digital marketing alternative for connecting with people online. But can you really improve business sales using Twitter?

Top Twitter Business Techniques
As an increasingly popular social network, Twitter is growing daily and presently ranks one of the 20 most popular websites worldwide by Alexa’s web traffic analysis. Whether you’re a celebrity, politician, corporate giant or a one-man-band, Twitter can help you improve brand awareness and acquire loyal customers.

However, this doesn’t mean to say you simply join Twitter in order to solely promote your products. While increasing sales may be your long-term goal, adopting a direct one-way sales approach will soon turn people off. Remember, social media marketing is all about dialogues, not monologues.

Creating a Dialogue
The best way to build a large following on Twitter is to offer helpful, friendly and genuine information – without expecting anything in return. Here are some content ideas to help build a positive reputation for your company on Twitter:

  1. Provide content about events related to your industry.
  2. Use Twitter search to find conversations to participate in.
  3. Re-tweet other users’ good comments.
  4. Thank those who re-tweet your comments.
  5. Ask questions and invite comments on industry-related topics.
  6. Add links to great resources on other websites.
  7. Make reference to new content on your own website.
  8. Respond personally and promptly when someone sends you a message.
  9. Compliment great web content.
  10. Tweet your support for a charity event.

Once you have a good foundation of followers in place, you can then move on to using Twitter to help promote your products.