CNBC publishes an article by Christina Cheddar Berk News Editor stating that “Several recent surveys are pointing in one direction: there will be big opportunities for retailers this holiday season online”.  This is important info for companies that could leverage on this by implementing specific and intelligent internet marketing strategies. The article quotes NPD Group who comments “Forty-four percent of consumers told NPD they plan to look around for the best price and value before they buy, which could benefit online sales,” said Marshal Cohen, chief industry analyst at NPD. “As consumers ‘pre-search’ by scouring Web sites for the best prices and deals, they will likely discover that shopping online offers not only competitive prices, but a whole lot more convenience and they decide to buy online.”

The key messages that I want to focus from the CNBCs article are “ they plan to look around for the best price ” and “As consumers ‘pre-search’ by scouring Web sites for the best prices and deals”  which means that online retailers must assure that they are being found, they are relevant, they provide valuable content and they are present where their target market is. A solid internet marketing strategy based on good search engine optimization, precise local, regional and national pay per click campaigns and a comprehensive strategy for providing content about their products though blogs, twits, YouTube, Flicker and Face book ads and in general, social media campaigns is a must… otherwise the season will go without any glory.

The article refers that -“During the December “peak week” in 2009, paid search campaigns run by leading retailers registered the highest cumulative results for all of November and December with 24 percent of impressions (or people viewing the link), 18 percent of all clicks, and 25 percent of profits”- wow!  If this and all the amazing evidence are not igniting the minds and ideas of marketers to move and move fast, they could lose momentum.

If you are a retailer and want to know how to focus your promotions and then what to promote through your internet marketing efforts, check the table published by the NPD Group which answers the question “Which Factors Influence Where You Will Shop for Gifts?”…. And if you want to know what are your competitors doing, then check the Web Competitors Intelligencer which might also come handy.