Social media provides us with the ability to find and comment about almost any product and service niche very quickly.

If we’re looking for a recommendation, review or comment on a company or its services, all we have to do is type our query in Google and look for social media sites that provide the answer.

People type in their search words into Google, find a few social media sites that are interesting and start a conversation. People are talking about your company, its products and even your service, and all this information is easily accessible via search engines like Google if your company has a focused internet marketing strategy.

Everyday each one of us is subjected to intrusive marketing messages in the forms of advertisements from the following media:  television, radio, billboards, junk mail and newspapers

And only *14% of us trust these ads. This is alarming as many companies still continue to pour money into these advertising mediums even when statistics show a low return on investment.

“Word of Mouth” is one of the most effective forms of marketing as *74% of people place a lot of trust in their friends’ and experts’ opinions. Also, relevancy of your marketing message drives the conversions you get out of it, as there is a lot of noise created by each marketer trying to get attention from the similar segment of customers. By using social media you can create brand awareness or improve your lead generation.

A focused entreprise digital media plan allows your company to entre conversations that spread at light speed around the globe, by participating in online conversations through social media, your company can be heard by millions within minutes, thta is why social media on Internet and has become one of the largest mass‐communication mediums of our time.

  • 75% of American Internet users engage in social networks to communicate with friends (Source: Internet World Stats).
  • 13 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute.
  • There are more than 100 new members on Facebook every hour.

Word of Mouth Marketing is generated by people having conversations about you and your products because:

  • they like you
  • they are unhappy with you
  • they were asked their opinion about you
  • their community is talking about you

(Source: Neilsen Global Trust In Advertising Survey, 2007)

So if you want to participate in conversations where people are talking about your company and your products, consider social media as an important part of your Internet marketing strategy.