There is an important movement towards including content in Spanish when investing on Internet marketing campaigns. But, do Hispanics read and listen in Spanish or in English? … Nearly 60% of Hispanics tune into Spanish speaking TV every night. And they are spending money too- around $1 trillion a year. The purchasing power of this community makes up the world’s ninth largest economy. But hispanics, are not a homogeneous market. Language and degrees of acculturation and assimilation vary. Second and third generation Hispanics who have at least one parent or grandparent born in another country may have high levels of acculturation (that is, the modification of a group based on its contact with another group), but they themselves may have not fully assimilated into the Culture (that is, fully adopted U.S. customs and attitudes). Young Latinos are predominantly bilingual and proud of their heritage, according to the Latino Intelligence Report published by The Intelligence Group. Any messages they receive that resonate with their cultural perception will probably be amplified in their top of mind. Nearly 60% stated to have a strong connection with Latino culture and embrace anything that has close ties with their culture. This is why the opportunity to address the hispanic market online this market with Spanish messages is big. For young Hispanics, especially, their brand loyalties are being formed as marketers attempt to reach them through English websites that have alsto been translated into Spanish . A “U.S. Hispanics Online” report published by eMarketer, shares an important finding:  The older Hispanic population (ages 55 and older) dips in and out of the Internet, and does not stay perhaps because most online retailers and marketers do not offer Spanish language content. This is a market that begs to be tapped now. Even as these Internet users age, they are building the same legacies online than other demographic groups do—via e-mail, photo sharing and online shopping activities.

A quick test could be to launch a multilingual Google pay per click campaign and measute the results, obviously you would have to have, at least, several multilingual landing pages but that is not a very big investment and could prove a useful testing track.