Many people don’t realize that Facebook is anything other than just a social media site. From having a user group of a mere 12 million people in 2006, Facebook has now more than 750 million active users, and presents many possibilities for companies. It is much more than just a social media website and business owners should pay attention to it. How can your company take advantage of this ever growing social media platform?

Facebook is changing the social web and the fundamental way business owners engage with their customers. Many companies connect to Facebook and offer their users the possibility to share their experiences via this popular platform. Your business can leverage Facebook in several ways, including:

Website integration – Offering your visitors the possibility to “like” your products and services, or any other content on your website via Facebook, will create brand awareness. Furthermore, the possibility to log in via Facebook credentials and leave comments makes your website or blog easy accessible.

Apps – Business owners are becoming increasingly aware of Facebook offering more than a platform to catch up with friends and family. The social media website offers the possibility to create custom applications so businesses can engage more with their customers. And this feature is available not only available to small companies; small companies can also take advantage of it.

Advertising – You could say that Facebook’s reason for existence is based on its advertising strategy. The more information uploaded by its users, and the more pages ‘’liked’’ by them, the better the social media website can target ads created by other companies. You can target your ads on age, gender, employer, city, interests, etc.

Those are three useful examples of how your company can leverage Facebook, but you should keep in mind that, just like any other multilingual social media campaign, a Facebook campaign should be part of a total digital media plan.