Though the majority of companies are aware of the benefits associated with social media, many have not established a social media strategy. Why? It could be due to limited resources or simply because they do not know where to begin. As we have stated, a place to start would be a Competitors Web Intelligencer, but once you have the report and the information regarding your competition, you need to implement your strategy, which should be aligned with your Intrnet Marketing strategy.

Some considerations you should not forget:

  • Define a social media plan
  • Design a content blueprint
  • Educate yourself and your staff on social media
  • Ensure social media policies and guidelines are established
  • Ensure your brand is protected and consistent
  • Create a social presence and community
  • Utilise social media in your PR endeavours
  • Measure your social activities
  • Monitor your online brand reputation
  • Establish a digital crisis management strategy
  • Assure you have a social media optimization strategy in place

It’s vital that your company stay up-to-speed with today’s evolving digital media technologies. This way, you can monitor what customers are saying about your brand online, but more importantly, as part of your Internet Marketing strategy  leverage these new media tools to create and foster positive conversations around your brand.