Nowadays, it is hardly unthinkable that a company does not have properly designed website. As this is the place to provide your customers with more information about your company and the products and/or services that you are offering, a company website is an essential tool. However, you might have a website that does not get you the results you hoped for and wonder why your site does not work like you want it to.

There are a few things you should take in mind if you are planning to create a website or if your existing website does not generate leads for your business. A website that only offers general information about your company or store will not bring you any prospects. If you would like to create a well working website, you should put effort in planning and strategy.

Below you will find some reasons why websites are not successful, most of which involve a lack of a certain strategy, and how those problems could be solved.

  • No business objectives – In the process of creating a website for your company you should start with defining your (set of) objectives, which can range from selling products to providing customer support. You should then build a website that is designed to accomplish them.
  • No traffic strategy – In order to attract the desired prospects you should think about your traffic strategy. Two examples of sources through which you can attract them are PPC and SEO.
  • No unique interesting content – Many companies just offer plain information about their company and their products/services, without explaining the benefits it offers to the visitors. People generally search the Internet for answers to their issues or solutions to their needs, so try to provide interesting information that meets those information needs.
  • No communication strategy – Customer communication is important for any business, because it will allow you to interact with your prospects. Social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter can be part of your interaction strategy.
  • No conversion strategy – Your company website should do the same as the selling sequence you have in your brick ‘n mortar business: get the attention of your prospects, get them interested in your products and/or services and then close the deal.

A website can highly benefit your company, so take advantage of the many possibilities and use your website as an extension of your primary business functions. If you need help with finding out why does your website not work like you want it to, please don’t hesitate to contact Prospect Factory Online. We will be happy to help you!