If you are still thinking if your internet marketing strategy should reach the Mexican market, look at this data:

  • This year, 35.6 million people in Mexico will go online, consuming 31.6% of the country’s total population
  • In 2011, the Mexican online population will increase to 39.5 million (34.7% of total population)
  • eMarketerprojects that 37.4% of Mexico’s population will be online in 2012 (43.0 million people)
  • According to comScore, the most popular Web properties in Mexico are based in the US
  • The study reports that 10.79 million unique visitors came to Microsoft sites (84.6% reach)
  • Google sites were ranked in 2ndplace with 10.36 million unique visitors coming to it, reaching 81.3% of the population
  • In 3rdplace are Yahoo! sites, which reached 54.6% of the population (6.97 million unique visitors)

You can reach the Mexican market by translating your current website, planning multilingual pay per click campaigns and being present in social media sites with content in Spanish. The first step to go global is to include Spanish content and reach south of the border with multilingual websites, multilingual landing pages, multilingual pay per click campaigns and multilingual content for social media.