Content Syndication

If you have a complete Internet  marketing strategy that considers content development and you have done and Internet competitors analysis, the you know what your market needs and you also kno what your competition is saying (and what they are not saying), the next step is to optimize your content for SEO and distribute it to many social media sites where your content will create conversation. People will find your content on search engines, click through to a social media site and participate in viral/push marketing as they comment and link to your valuable content.

Content that Creates Conversation

Your digital media plan should include creating and publishing remarkable content that builds credibility and improves conversation by being found on social media sites that are indexed in Google’s top 30 search engine results.

Without content, conversation is mere networking. Without conversation, content is dead. It goes nowhere.

When your ideal persona searches for the information they are looking for with regards to your company, its products or services, you will have the opportunity to present your content via various social media channels. This provides them to choose the communication channel they wish to engage with your content.

Using popular social media channels to market your content is the new way of being found online. These channels can include blogs, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Slideshare, Squidoo, Hub Pages and many more. Use your website as the hub of your business and attract visitors from the channels they prefer to use online.

Syndication of Content

Syndicate your content and take advantage of social media sites as they enable you to get to your target market on a “many to many” basis as opposed to a static website which offers a “one to many” interaction.

  • Blogging – consider blog development as a marketing tool by publishing educational and relevant information about your products and services. Don’t sell; become a “thought leader” and develop your online credibility. Blogs will consistently attract new visitors and increase the online visibility of your company. Blogs enable easy interaction with your readers and provide a quick way to syndicate your content across the web.
  • YouTube – create short videos showing how your products can solve problems that your ideal persona is interested in. Upload videos that provide the answers to your most frequently asked questions. Many people add the word “video” to their search term as they prefer to get a visual and audio view of your content.
  • LinkedIn – develop your online network of contacts with professionals in your particular industry. Review questions that are posted and provide answers that address these questions without selling directly. LinkedIn provides you with the ability to network with thousands of subscribers that can interact with you or your company.
  • Facebook – create a business profile and encourage your clients to become a fan. That way you can attract and communicate to thousands of fans.
  • Twitter – allows thousands of followers to be updated on the Internet or mobile phones withthe messages that you wish to publish.
  • Social Media Bookmarking sites such as StumbleUpon, Digg and Reddit make it easy for your valuable content to be quickly spread throughout the web.

Create and publish good content and you will stimulate good conversation and, drive traffic to your site, help position your brand and generate more leads for our company..